Nov 12, 2009

Inter-District Kendo Training PART 1 will be on 22nd November

Just a reminder to many that part 1 of the Inter-District Kendo Training will take place in Scout Building on the 22nd November 2009.

The training will take place around 2pm. And we invite ALL members to come and celebrate this momentous occasion as we're celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Belait Kendo. Also there will be a surprise presentation and a special gift from The Alliance, to the KB-ians, to celebrate this event. Wanna know what it is? COME AND SEE xD.

Part 2 of the Inter-District Kendo Training will take place on the 29th November 2009. Although we've yet to confirm the location (more news on that soon)

And regarding news on the Kendo Dinner; As usual there will be a fee of $8 this time around, so for those joining in (which I do encourage you to come), please do RSVP your name in the Kendo Forums. It will be a fun night I guarantee you xP.

More Updates soon. Cheers~

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