Mar 22, 2007

All Systems Go For March 23rd!

5 months of preparation and hard work, and the event we've all been waiting for has finally arrived! All systems are go for the life changing event that is The Brunei Kendo Friendship Kendo Competition!!

All kendokas are to be reminded that there will be an opening dinner event on Friday 23rd March, 7pm, at the Dewan di Gadong, Kementerian Kebudayaan, Belia dan Sukan.

So get some rest, no late night parties, and last minute trips to Excapade, because the next few days are the most Important and significant days in the history of Brunei Kendo so all the best to those who are participating! Ganbatte Kudasai!!

Mar 11, 2007

PAP Masnah Demo pics| Brunei Kendo Workshop success!

Well here they are, some pics from Saturday's Kendo Demo at PAP Masnah! These awesome imagess are brought to you by Zadm, a talented photographer who was present during the demo.

More PAP Masnah pics and Zadm's other pics can be found from his site at

And following up is today's Kendo Workshop which was held at Dewan Serbaguna Rimba! A fun filled 7 hours of Kendo goodness with over 40 students from 5 different kendo clubs present! Today would definitely be a day to remember for days to come, and a second workshop is in the works for June/July! Stay tuned for this space.

Unfortunately, I couldn't take any pictures with me, but to those who are willing to share please post some on the forums for any pics of todays grand event, or send us an email at Much appreciated! ^__^

Mar 5, 2007

PAP Masnah and Maktab Duli Kendo Demo this month

When any Kendo federation comes to visit Brunei, let alone a Japanese one, we'll always give our 100% in making sure we give them a fully enjoyable Kendo experience, so preparations are always hectic here! With that said, we've still found time for yet more demonstrations for schools this year!

BruKen will be making their way to Sekolah Menengah PAP Masnah on the 10th of March to launch their Kendo CCA program, and Maktab Duli on the 12th of March to welcome their new intake.

Here are the details:

PAP Masnah Kendo Demo
Saturday 10th March 2007
11.00 am
PAP Masnah Hall

Maktab Duli Kendo Demo
Wednesday 14h March 2007
2.00 pm
MD Auditorium

To the respective schools, hope to see you there!

Jan 22, 2007

Congratulations to our new sempas!!

A hearty congratulations go out to all sempais who went for their grading and recieved successful results! Remember as sensei Ishii from KL said ' Your first grade is a stepping stone to the beginning of a new journey'

A very special thanks go out to everyone at the Malaysian Japan Club for having us. we are grateful for your support, and an especially big thank you for David Chan sensei for everything he has done for us so far. We are eternally grateful.

Hope everyone will come by this wednesday to welcome home our new sempais!

1st Kyu
Lim Han
Sahiful Rizal
Faiz aka Combat

2nd Kyu
Amir aka Shiro
Han Yean Takeshi

Jan 17, 2007

Six Brunei Kendoka to leave for Grading on Friday

Only two days away before six of our own will finally be graded! A big good luck to the following Kendoka who will be attending the kendo grading test in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on January 20th 2007:

Lim Han (Hayashi)
Han Yean (Takeshi)
Amir Dawod (Shiro)
Faiz (Combat)
Rizal (Chep)

All the best for all of you, and remember how others rank you is not important, rather how you judge yourself. :p Ganbatte Kudasai!!