Nov 12, 2010

November Agenda

November's itinerary:

The Annual General Meeting for the Kendo Alliance will be held on the 18th of November 2010(Thursday) at Pureland Vegetarian Restaurant in Menglait at 3.30pm. If you need directions please contact me at

The new registration forms are out and registration costs BND$25. Students must have their parents' signature for the waiver forms and must have the signature of the teacher in charge of the school's kendo for the registration forms. Only registered and paid members are allowed to attend the AGM.

~Secretary General Nizaki

Jul 11, 2010

12th July 2010: Celebrating Kendo Alliance's 3rd Anniversary!

Happy Birthday to the Kendo Alliance!!

Some three years ago a group of Kendoka banded together as one to forge a new association and devoted their time and efforts to developing Kendo. Many obstacles were against them, and some still not overcome, but they continue to ensure the development of Kendo in Brunei without compromising the ideals and basis in which the Alliance was founded.

While many can criticise the shortcomings of the Alliance, today we should praise their achievements! Kendo Alliance is the Largest Kendo Association in Brunei, with some 8 schools being provided with instructors and close to 100 members.

With three great years under President Lim Han, it has been so far a great reign. We hope that he will continue on for three more years and beyond!

And to all members of the Kendo Alliance, thank you all for your efforts the past three years. Young and Old, Junior or Senior, you've all done your part, and we hope that you will continue to support the Alliance. Thank You!


May 20, 2010

JENESYS Martial Artists to Arrive in Brunei July 2010

Details have emerged from the meeting which took place on the 18th of May 2010.

JENESYS will be bringing a group of Kendoka to train with Brunei Kendo on July 2010. Those interested should ask their respective senpais

May 18, 2010

Emergency General Meeting (EGM) Tonight

President of the Kendo Alliance Lim Han has called on an "Emergency General Meeting" for the Kendo Executive Committee Members tonight at 7pm.

Not much is known about the meeting. Rumours speculate about the upcoming ASEAN Kendo Tournament in Singapore, whereas there could be more issues on hand such as the call for an overdue Annual General Meeting and details on the June Kendo Workshop.

Stay tuned for more info on the meeting tonight

Apr 2, 2010

Kendo Film "4th Dan"

I apologize for the lack of updates,but here is a short film about kendo. A must watch for Kendo lovers~

'4th Dan' is about a kendo student who is training for his promotional exam. He is determined to succeed and prove his worthiness to his father. However, as the exam approaches, he must confront his own darker self and must come to terms with his own weaknesses.

Feb 7, 2010

Bokuto ni yoru Kendo kihon waza keiko ho

Kendo waza executed by using bokuto, for more info please go to

Techniques included in Bokutō Keiko Hō:

1. Single cuts: Men, Kote, Dō, Tsuki
2. Two continuous cuts: Kote and Men
3. Harai waza: Harai Men (using omote the left side of your sword)
4. Hiki waza: Hiki Dō (the right dō)
5. Nuki waza: Men Nuki Dō (the right dō)
6. Suriage waza: Kote Suriage Men(using ura the right side of your sword)
7. Debana waza: Debana Kote
8. Kaeshi waza: Men Kaeshi Dō (the right dō)
9. Uchiotoshi waza: Dō Uchiotoshi Men (the right dō)