Nov 26, 2009

BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS - 26th November 2009

Ever since the blowout of info regarding the ASEAN Kendo Tournament next year, a few tidbits here and there have been flowing out and in particular several related and unrelated events. So I'll try slicing them up in pieces so you wont get confused:

29th November 2009 Inter-District Training:

Part II of the Inter-District Training will in fact take place at BSRC, Seria Mumong Sports Complex, KB on the 29th of November 2009 on Sunday. Anyone who intends join the Kendo bus to Belait should meet up at the Chancellor Hall Parking lot by 9am and bring $5 for the fare (and maybe spending money). We will be Departing from Seria at 5.30pm

5th December 2009 Annual Kendo Dinner:

The Annual Brunei Kendo Dinner will take place in Scout Building on 5th December 2009 at 7.30pm. The dinner will be $10 per person and will feature several performances, presentation and great food so be sure not to miss this one!

ASEAN Kendo Tournament 2010:

The ASEAN Kendo Tournament 2010 will take place in Singapore sometime in October. It looks certain that the Kendo Alliance will be representing Brunei for the first time and as of now no team has been announced. There will be several training sessions determine (see below for more) who will be attending the Tournament.

Brunei Kendo 2nd Tour of Japan 2010:

Many thought it wasn't going to happen, but it looks more and more likely that it will! Especially after the above mentioned event will be taking place, we will be in need of special trainings. The tour will be the 2nd of it's nature (The first one being back in 2008) and will be open to all Kendoka in Brunei. The fees will be discussed soon so please keep reading the blog if you're interested!

Extra training sessions to be held starting January!:

You've moaned and groaned every Sunday morning for more training sessions so we're planning to give it to you! The Kendo Alliance will be planning to add a 2ND(!) training session on Wednesdays and possible and added "Special" Training

Kendo Alliance Annual General Meeting December 12th 2009:

The Meeting will take place on the 12th of December 2009 at the Institut Perkhidmatan Awam, Rimba. All members are urged to attend the meeting.

That's all for now! Read this space for more soon!


Nov 25, 2009

Kendo Alliance set for ASEAN Kendo 2010?

Earlier today the Kendo Alliance confirms that Singapore Kendo Club has in fact, invited the Kendo Alliance of Brunei to participate in the 2010 edition of the ASEAN Kendo Tournament. Of course we are honoured at the invite and without hesitation accepted the invitation!

The tournament will take place on October 2010 in Singapore, and the Kendo Alliance will be trying their best to send their best team. All members of the Alliance are encouraged to train hard and get on the Alliance team. We will do our best to sponsor all members involved in the tournament next year and will be organising several intensive training sessions to prepare for the event.

More news to come so please stay tuned! Ganbarre Brunei!!


Nov 23, 2009

Inter-District Kendo Training PART 2 - 29th November

After an indeed awesome training yesterday, personally one of the best I've had in months, Its safe to say I'm looking forward to next weeks training. Are you?

Part 2 of the INTER-DISTRICT KENDO training will take place on the 29th of November 2009 in Kuala Belait. To all Bandar Kendoka who are planning to join us, there will be a bus to pick us up from the Parking lot of the "Chancellor Hall of University Brunei Darussalam ". Boarding time will be from 9am - 9.30am, and we will be departing from Kuala Belait at around 5.30pm so for those of you joining, please be on time.

Also there will be a small fee of $5 for those of you joining and we would like to thank Shiro for finding transport for us on such short notice.

In other news, the Annual Kendo Dinner committee had its first meeting yesterday and announced that it will indeed take place on the 5th of December 2009 and will have an entry fee of $10.


Nov 12, 2009

Inter-District Kendo Training PART 1 will be on 22nd November

Just a reminder to many that part 1 of the Inter-District Kendo Training will take place in Scout Building on the 22nd November 2009.

The training will take place around 2pm. And we invite ALL members to come and celebrate this momentous occasion as we're celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of Belait Kendo. Also there will be a surprise presentation and a special gift from The Alliance, to the KB-ians, to celebrate this event. Wanna know what it is? COME AND SEE xD.

Part 2 of the Inter-District Kendo Training will take place on the 29th November 2009. Although we've yet to confirm the location (more news on that soon)

And regarding news on the Kendo Dinner; As usual there will be a fee of $8 this time around, so for those joining in (which I do encourage you to come), please do RSVP your name in the Kendo Forums. It will be a fun night I guarantee you xP.

More Updates soon. Cheers~

Nov 2, 2009

The Inter District Kendo Training, and the Annual Kendo Dinner

Alright folks! While we've been crying over the loss of a major event this week, we're about to move on and keep you (the members) happy and active!

As mentioned before on the blog, we still have two major events to take place i.e. the Inter-District Kendo Training, and the Brunei Annual Kendo Dinner! To compensate for the loss of the Kendo Expo, the Inter District will be pushed right ahead to the 22nd of November 2009 at the Scout Building, Gadong. It will be a fullday training schedule and afterwards some food and entertainment for the KBians (and us!).

On the 29th of November 2009, All Bandar members are invited to join a bus ride to Belait Kendo Club to celebrate Belait Kendo's Birthday! (Which falls on the 2nd of December 2007). A special Sunday Training session will be held in conjunction with the celebration so let's help our fellow Kendoka celebrate this momentous occasion!

Finally our headline event of the year would have to be the Annual Kendo Dinner! For three years running we've been celebrating all things Kendo and we hope that this years edition will be as AWESOME as ever! The dinner will take place on the 5th of December 2009! Keep reading the blog for more info soon, and stay active in Kendo people! PMBs are over! Time to get back to training! you know who you are! >XD