Nov 2, 2009

The Inter District Kendo Training, and the Annual Kendo Dinner

Alright folks! While we've been crying over the loss of a major event this week, we're about to move on and keep you (the members) happy and active!

As mentioned before on the blog, we still have two major events to take place i.e. the Inter-District Kendo Training, and the Brunei Annual Kendo Dinner! To compensate for the loss of the Kendo Expo, the Inter District will be pushed right ahead to the 22nd of November 2009 at the Scout Building, Gadong. It will be a fullday training schedule and afterwards some food and entertainment for the KBians (and us!).

On the 29th of November 2009, All Bandar members are invited to join a bus ride to Belait Kendo Club to celebrate Belait Kendo's Birthday! (Which falls on the 2nd of December 2007). A special Sunday Training session will be held in conjunction with the celebration so let's help our fellow Kendoka celebrate this momentous occasion!

Finally our headline event of the year would have to be the Annual Kendo Dinner! For three years running we've been celebrating all things Kendo and we hope that this years edition will be as AWESOME as ever! The dinner will take place on the 5th of December 2009! Keep reading the blog for more info soon, and stay active in Kendo people! PMBs are over! Time to get back to training! you know who you are! >XD


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