Aug 30, 2006

MD kendo pics

^_^ More to come!! ^_^

Aug 19, 2006

Kata Demonstration at Kobudo

Yet again another Video!! 'This is the ipponme kara sanbonme made' nihon kendo kata. Again a reminder, don't blame me for the shoddy video quality. We have other peopke we can blame for that ~_~

Also as promised here's a link to Jin san's Judo Tryout. Enjoy!!

Aug 17, 2006

Brunei Kendo Meets Japanese Warriors!

Photo: Sonia K (BB)

Indoor Stadium, BERAKAS - Today, in a consecutive landmark event, Brunei Kendo was given the oppurtunity by the Japanese Embassy to perform alongside a Japanese Kobudo line-up. Kobudo is understood in Japan as the 'ancient Martial Arts', but also understood to be the arts of Okinawan origins. An audience mostly made up of high school and ITB students graced the Kobudo Demonstration today.

The Kendo performance was led by Sensei David Chan, whilst the team members consisted of our own members, Lim-san, Combat-kun, Takeshi-chan, Sharif-sama, Jin-dono, Jun-hime and Misha-hime. =) The 4 chosen for Kata delivered a flawless Kata performance, much to the delight of Sensei, and roused the crowd into cheer and awe, especially when they brandished and swung their glimmering 'katanas' into action. The rest went on to deliver a Basic Cuts, Combo Cuts and Sparring Demonstration.

Meanwhile, the Japanese Kobudo team, were made up of masters from the Takenouchi-ryu, Kitou-ryu, Musou Jikiden Eishin Ryu and Kodokan Judo. In a quick chat with the mosquito-bitten Miss Michiko Takeuchi, an exponent of the bo, Takenouchi-style, she revealed that having just recently performed in Malaysia, they will also be doing another show in the Philippines this weekend. Additionally, we got to see Jun and Yazin 'volunteer' to throw the Japanese masters around with some Judo techniques. That was a sight to see... ^_^

It is hoped that today's event will bring to life, new relationships between Japan and Brunei martial arts, and certainly spur the interest of those present, to join the nearest Kendo Dojo in Brunei. And karate of course. In the end, it was certainly a day worth writing a full report about.

Jul 25, 2006

Takeshi Tries Taiko!!!

An old video which i finally took the time to upload.Enjoy :p