Kendo Vocabs

Usual Vocabulary in Kendo
Kendo- The Way of the Sword.
Dojo- Place of Training, usually a Hall.
Waza- Technique
Hiki Waza- Backward Technique
Nihon Kendo Kata- Japan Kendo Pattern
Shi Ai- Match
Sensei- Teacher / Master
Senpai- Senior
Ko Hai- Junior
Kihon- Basic
Keiko- Practice
Ji Geiko- Free practice

Etiquette Vocabulary in Kendo
Chakuza- Sit Down.
Seiza- Traditional formal way of sitting in Japan or proper sitting in Kendo.
Mokuso (pronounced "moh-kso")- Meditation or clear you mind.
Rei- Bow or bowing.
Shomen ni Rei- Bowing to the place of importance (Usually a flag).
Dojo ni Rei- Bowing to the place of training.
Sensei ni Rei- Bowing to the Sensei.
Otaga ni Rei- Bow to each other.
Son Kyo- Squat Down.
Onegai Shimasu- Would you please show me or teach me.
Arigato Gozaimasu- Thank you very much.
Oskare Sama- You say to each other for a good training at the end of the class.
Chugo- Gather
Seretsu- Line up.

Kendo Stances Vocabulary
Chudan no Kamae- Middle level posture.
Gedan no Kamae- Lower level posture.
Jodan no Kamae- Upper level posture.
Hasso no Kamae- Side, face level posture.
Waki no Kamae- A stance hiding the length of ones own blade behind their body from the  opponent.

Kendo Training Vocabulary
Jumbi- Ready
Jumbi Taiso- Warm up.
Hajime- Begin
Yame- Stop
Sage To- Sheath back the sword.
Uchi Tachi- Attacker
Moto Dachi- Receiver
Shi Dachi- The partner who delivers the final technique to attacker.
Ashi Sabaki- Footwork.
Suburi- Practice swinging the sword.
Haya Suburi- Fast cutting on the forward motion and assume Jodan on the return motion, feet should glide on the floor.
Joge Suburi or Joge Buri- Strikes with back swings that almost touch ones lower back and forward swings which almost touch the floor.
Kiri Kaeshi- Cutting repeatedly on the Men and Sayu Men.

Waza Vocabulary
Men- Head
Kote- Wrist
Do- Stomach or Abdomen
Tsuki- Thrust
Sayu Men- 45 degree angle strike to the left and right side of the head.
Ni Dan Waza- 2nd Stage technique or combination of two waza.
San Dan Waza- 3rd stage technique or combination of three waza.

Equipment Vocabulary
Shi-Nai- Bamboo Sword
Bokuto or Bokken- Wooden Sword
Gi & Hakama- Kendo Uniform
Bougu- Armour
Tenegui- Towel

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