Mar 11, 2007

PAP Masnah Demo pics| Brunei Kendo Workshop success!

Well here they are, some pics from Saturday's Kendo Demo at PAP Masnah! These awesome imagess are brought to you by Zadm, a talented photographer who was present during the demo.

More PAP Masnah pics and Zadm's other pics can be found from his site at

And following up is today's Kendo Workshop which was held at Dewan Serbaguna Rimba! A fun filled 7 hours of Kendo goodness with over 40 students from 5 different kendo clubs present! Today would definitely be a day to remember for days to come, and a second workshop is in the works for June/July! Stay tuned for this space.

Unfortunately, I couldn't take any pictures with me, but to those who are willing to share please post some on the forums for any pics of todays grand event, or send us an email at Much appreciated! ^__^

1 comment:

Zadm said...

I might come on the 24th..indoor stadium right? I would love to contribute more pics, Im beginning to like this sport. I may join one day.