Feb 19, 2009

Training at the Koubukan

Took me a while to write this one but better late than never!

Last December I made a trip with Zool, Noriko, Zurako and Kaza to none other than the land of the rising sun. We all made the trip last march (Except for Noriko) so we were pretty hyped up to get the trip on the go.

Around this time I was still nursing an injury from my past 6 months (Foot Injury) so I wasn't really sure of what to think. But it's not everyday you go to Japan so I thought I might as well do it! A visit to the Koubukan! The home of Hiroshi Ozawa!

It was 6pm, and it was decided that me, Zool and Noriko would go. Kaza had just bought her new guitar and Zura was feeling a little tired so they decided to stay back. But in the end, I'd be the only one training! >.<

So we took the station to Nakano and walked a few blocks only to go into this rural area (They're pretty quiet and hidden in Tokyo) and There it was this three storey house. I thought to myself, "This is it?" hahaha well when I went in... that mentality changed.

As small as it was I would stillbe glad to have a dojo like this. The flooring was pure heaven. It was prolly slippery because of two things; The winter cold, or They're extreme cleanliness and ability to wax a floor to the point where bare footed ice skating was not a dream anymore!

I met up with Ninomiya sensei and (bless him) he brought a Bogu Set with him for me so i didnt have to carry one from Brunei. I got changed upstairs and it was cool. I met some pretty tall kendoka from Australia, New Zealand, and this wickedly huge Dutch dude named Yuri san. I was scared stiffffff. (True fact, when i was in seiza, he was standing next to me, and my head was at his waist height. And I'M 6ft TALL!!!)

Practise was incredible and fast. And as expected from last time, my throat was dry again due to the weather I'm so not used to. But less sweat, which meant for me more energy. My foot was still holding me back but I was still okay. We did some Kirikaeshi and Kakari geiko followed by Jigeiko (Which I didnt participate in, sadly because my foot was at its limit).

Soon after Ozawa sensei walked in and we had so much fun. The Man is really a friendly guy and speaks great english. It was great finally being able to meet my first Kendo Celeberity! Should have  asked for an autograph! But hey a picture's worth a thousand words right?

He's done seminars all over the world and he'd be happy to come here to organise one as well! So planning for that one soon xP

After training, The four of us were joined by Zurako and Kaza, with Ninomiya sensei and his friend Ono sensei 5th dan and we had a blast at a Japanese (duh) restaurant. Real food!! XD
I had a blast. That experience was once in a lifetime and I wished that I could repeat it soon. Hopefully in December guys? hehe we'll see~

Ozawa Sensei wrote this book! It's world famous

Ninomiya sensei was kind enough to lend me a bogu >.<;

L to R Noriko! Me, Ozawa Sensei and Zool Shin Chan

Junbi Taisou with the Regulars. Damn,I was intimidated

Me doing the stretches. Thanks to Shin chan for always making me look good xP

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